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First paragliding flight from TOP of the Arctic

Climate-neutral expedition & first paragliding flight from the highest mountain in the Arctic - Gunnbjørn Fjeld 12,119 ft (3,694 m), Greenland
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Gunnbjørn Fjeld

12,119 ft (3,694 m) | Watkins Range | Greenland
Gunnbjørn Fjeld | Hvitserk
12,119 ft | 3,694 m

Gunnbjørn Fjeld (referred to Hvitserk in the Icelandic myth, literally meaning “white shirt”) is Greenland’s highest mountain & the highest mountain around 155 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Gunnbjørn Ulfsson

It is named after Gunnbjørn Ulfsson, the first Viking to have sighted Greenland in around 875 according to legend.

Watkins Range
Watkins Bjerge (Danish)

The Watkins Range is Greenland's highest mountain range in the southeast of Greenland. The mountain range includes the ten highest peaks of the Arctic.

First ascent
16 August 1935

Gunnbjørn Fjeld was first climbed on 16 August 1935 by Augustine Courtauld, Jack Longland, Ebbe Munck, Harold G. Wager, and Lawrence Wager. Due to the extremely inaccessible nature of the region, ascents are rare: the second ascent only took place in 1971 and the third in 1987.


(TOP of the Arctic, Gunnbjørn Fjeld 2020)

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